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How does the stone go to the store?


Establishing a brand requires not only advertising but also internal control.

In other words, to build a terminal brand, not only to sell the value of stone, but also a one-stop service, in addition to the art of stone, to explore the inherent historical value of stone itself, to give its artistic connotation. In fact, the store model is quite mature in other industries such as fashion consumer goods and ceramics. It is only in the stone industry, so there are not many companies operating in this way.

Stone brand enhances image design, another good marketing tool

Stone often feels like a cumbersome commodity. The Beijing stone market first moved to the second ring and now moves to the fourth and fifth rings. To some extent, such beautiful things as natural marble are getting farther and farther away from consumers. In order to change this trend, many companies have launched plans for specialty stores. However, establishing a brand requires not only advertising, but also internal control and service to dealers.
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