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Integrity, truth-seeking, quality development


Chairman: Wang Zhigang

Male, Han nationality, born in December 1977, Xidi Village, Chongwu Town.

Graduate degree, master of engineering, senior engineer, to members of the Kung Pang. Currently serves as the general manager of Quanzhou Youzhi Stone Co., Ltd., the deputy director of the Stone Carving and Stone Carving Professional Committee of the China Stone Association, the vice chairman of the fourth council of the Fujian Stone Industry Association, the representative of the fifteenth people's congress of Quanzhou, the Hui'an County Federation of Industry and Commerce ) Vice Chairman of the 10th Executive Committee and Chairman of the 3rd Council of Hui'an County Stone Carving Stone Association.

There are Quanzhou Youzhi Stone Co., Ltd., Youzhi Garden Ancient Building Co., Ltd., Hui'an Minggang Stone Co., Ltd., Yongzhou Hongling Mountain Cemetery Co., Ltd., Qiyang Yongsheng Qianlong Guanfu Park Development Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in stone import and export, stone Processing, block yard, wood packaging fumigation, cemetery construction, etc.


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